From the recording Dark Matter


I never thought we’d be right back here
Living in the darkness, living with the fear
Forgotten where we came from, driftin’ in the mist
With the mainmast broken and the headsail ripped

They run with hares, they hunt with the hounds
They trample all over this sacred ground
I listen for the outrage, the shock horror howl
But i hardly hear a murmur or a sound …in times like these

The captain and the crew, they’re tearing up the chart
The sextant is broken and we can’t see the stars
On the southern skyline, there are storm clouds dark
We’re running out courage, we’re running out of heart.

I can’t believe that we’re back on our knees
Is there anybody out there, anybody please?
I just need something, something to believe
And someone to write me songs - for times like these

Down came the money men mounted on their thoroughbreds
Loudly denying what the rest of us can see
There goes the atmosphere, there go the seas
There goes all we fought for, dying by degrees

There go your rights and there go your wages
There goes everything you thought worth savin’
Fossil fools who don’t know what they’re doin’
Driving us all into the ruins of times like these

Once upon a time in a land like this
A fair go for all, was what we taught our kids
But now it’s make me a star on unreality tv
And spare me the awful the truth about times likes these

From Dondale to Manus Island detention
People are drowning in a sea of inattention
Hidden on islands, hidden out of sight
Behind razor wire just for wanting a life

Out of the darkness somebody called
Do people make decisions of conscience anymore?
But I hardly hear a murmur on the breeze
Can someone find me a cure for times like these

Times like these
In a land like this