From the recording Dark Matter


Why are the ears not listening?
Why can’t the voices be heard?
Why this feeling?
Where does it come from?
Why are these times beyond absurd?
How long till we see what’s really happening?
Is our reason in freefall?
We don’t hear the warning voices?
Don’t want to see the writing on the wall?

There’s not much left to believe in
Ignored the wisdom, lowered the bar
Turned art and nature into commerce
It’s a miracle we ever got this far
Sold out for a handful of silver
Shiny things keep us in thrall
While Rome is burning right before us
The kids are out there, writing on the wall

We fashion words that spin in circles
Left our conscience on the killing floor
We kill the kids, we kill the future
Marvel at the trade we do with war
Believing science will solve our problems
Until it makes a warning call
‘Numbered, weighed and divided’,
The moving hand is writing on the wall

Is there still a forest to get lost in?
Still a river running wild?
Poison minds and poison country
Truth becomes a cowering child
If Spring should come and it be silent
What if the saviour doesn’t want to return?
Icarus can’t see his downfall
He’s tweeting about the writing on the wall.