Blessing of the Rivers

Junction Park, Off Cadell Street, Wentworth. NSW

All denominations, all faith groups, Aboriginal and other Australian community groups and individuals, across Australia, are invited to personally take a small bottle or container of water, (preferably no plastic), for a Blessing Of The Rivers ceremony, at the junction of the Murray-Darling rivers. This is a modest, non-political gesture of good will to focus community attention on the significance of water to life and a way that the Australian community can show symbolic support for our struggling rivers and communities. This very simple but profound action was suggested by South West Victorian farmer, Rob Rowley, in response to the current crisis facing our struggling river systems. In particular, the Murray-Darling river system.

If you can’t make it personally, you can send your small water bottle to: The Lions Club, PO BOX 1143, MILDURA 3502, who have generously agreed to collect and transport the water bottles to the river junction on the day. This action has no political organising body. It’s a community action of good will, in good faith. Shane Howard Thanks to Rob Rowley, Adele Howard & Helen Nolen-The Sisters of Mercy, The Lions Club of Mildura, Deb Bogenhuber, Cathryn Milne & to everyone who supports. *Australia Post are supportive and have advised that people can post water in a wine package, available at Australia Post offices or in smaller bottles that are well sealed, taped and protectively wrapped in material or cardboard. They have also agreed to make a donation to an appropriate environmental/water conservation community organisation.